Prime & Co.

Prime & Co. is a community platform and marketplace that connects you with equestrians, businesses, and horses, in your area, and around the world.

Respect and love for horses is at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to build a friendly, and trustworthy community where horse lovers can find their equine partners, access the best care for their horses, and where equine businesses can connect and grow!

To enrich the lives of equestrian enthusiasts and businesses through our platform by providing an intuitive and secure place to connect and transact, while setting new (higher) standards for the industry. 


  • Customer-Centricity: Prioritizing customer experience and satisfaction by keeping equestrians at the centre of everything we create.
  • Integrity & Trust: Building transparent and honest relationships and transactions.
  • Community: Cultivating a united, inclusive, and collaborative equestrian environment.

What’s in a name? Prime (“Primetime”) is the name of one of the beloved horses that we have the absolute pleasure of having in our lives. And since we know that it takes a village to provide prime care to our equine partners, we added the “& Company” to really bring forward the community vibe we are striving to foster. Our goal with this community and platform is to ensure that equestrians just like us have easy access to prime care, prime horses, prime services, and overall prime experiences in their lives with horses. 

Why? The old adage “it takes a village” applies perfectly to life with horses.
Those in the equestrian community know that finding and ensuring the best care and support for our horses is of the utmost importance, yet can also be a challenging task to organize. There are lots of stages throughout our lives with horses that require support, beginning with the sometimes overwhelming task of finding your perfect match for lease, or purchase. Then of course you are met with all the decisions to be made regarding the care of your partner – boarding, leasing, exercising, general first aid and maintenance, and farrier services, to name a few. Those that compete are no stranger to the support needed at competitions and are often on the search for services such as grooms, trailering services, coaching, braiding, tack cleaning services and more. Finding all of this, efficiently, is a tall order and Prime & Co. aims to help with that.

Thank you for joining our community, we are delighted that you are with us!

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